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Dean of Qom University of Medical Sciences:

Over 10000 patients have by now enjoyed the medical services of Infertility Subspecialized Center of Jahad Daneshgahi in Qom Province.
While visiting this center, Dr. Hejazi, the Dean of Qom University of Medical Sciences indicated the significant achievements made in terms of infertility treatment in the Province and added: This center as the third center in the country relating to Jahad Daneshgahi, has made brilliant progress. Reported the Public Relations Office at QUMS.

He emphasized on the point that the center enjoys a world-level set of equipments an specialized personnel. “Nearly 10000 patients have been covered by the medical services of this center”. Said Dr. Hijazi.
Dr. Hijazi referred to the fact that about 3% of patients come from overseas and this finely displays the importance of this center. He added: “Qom University of Medical Sciences, as in charge of the health care in the Province, will deal with the problems and requirements of this center.
Faqih Zadeh, the Head of Jahad Daneshgahi in Qom mentioned the attention of the Grand Jurisprudents to deal with jurisprudential and legal problems concerning infertility. “After only 2 years of being active, the center was able to make significant progress in research and development concerning the issue of infertility treatment”. Added Faqih Zadeh. He indicated a daily number of about 70 patients referring to the center and said: “Developing such a medical center helps us to admit more specialists and faculty members”.


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